A+ (Hardware) & N+ (Networking) Course


·Module-1-Personal Computer Components

·Module-2-Operating System Fundamentals

· Module-3-PC Technician Professional Best Practices

·Module-4-Installing and Configuring Peripheral Components

·Module-5-Installing and Configuring System Components

·Module-6-Maintaining and Troubleshooting Peripheral Components

· Module-7-Troubleshooting System Components

·Module-8-Installing and Configuring Operating Systems

·Module-9-Maintaining and Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows

·Module-10-Network Technologies

· Module-11-Installing and Managing Network Connections

·Module-12-Supporting Laptops and Portable Computing Devices

·Module-13-Supporting Printers and Scanners

·Module-14-Personal Computer Security Concepts

· Module-15- Supporting Personal Computer Security

Basic Concepts of A+ (Hardware) & N+ (Networking )

Personal Computer Components 


  •   Personal Computer Components
  •  System Unit Components
  •  Storage Devices
  •  Personal Computer Connection Methods

Operating System Fundamentals


  •  Personal Computer Operating Systems
  •  Windows User Interface Components
  •  Windows File System Management
  •  Windows System Management Tools

PC Technician Professional Best Practices

Topics: -

  •  Tools of the Trade
  •  Electrical Safety
  •  Environmental Safety and Materials Handling
  •  Perform Preventative Maintenance
  •  Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  •  Professionalism and Communication 

Installing and Configuring Peripheral Components


  •  Install and Configure Display Devices
  •  Install and Configure Input Devices
  •  Install and Configure Adapter Cards
  •  Install and Configure Multimedia Devices

Installing and Configuring System Components 


  •  Install and Configure Storage Devices
  •  Install and Configure Power Supplies
  •  Install and Configure Memory
  •  Install and Configure CPUs 
  •  Install and Configure System Boards

Maintaining and Troubleshooting Peripheral Components 


  •  Troubleshoot Display Devices
  •  Maintain and Troubleshoot Input Devices
  •  Troubleshoot Adapter Cards
  •  Troubleshoot Multimedia Devices

Troubleshooting System Components


  •   Troubleshoot Storage Devices
  •  Troubleshoot Power Supplies
  •  Troubleshoot Memory
  •  Troubleshoot CPUs
  •  Troubleshoot System Boards

Installing and Configuring Operating Systems


  •  Install Microsoft Windows
  •  Upgrade Windows
  •  Add Devices to Windows
  •  Optimize Windows

Maintaining and Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows


  •  Operating System Utilities
  •  Maintain Microsoft Windows
  • Troubleshoot Microsoft Window

Network Technologies


  •   Network Concepts
  •  Network Communications
  •  Network Connectivity
  •  Internet Technologies

 Installing and Managing Network Connections


  •   Create Network Connections
  •  Install and Configure Web Browsers
  •  Maintain and Troubleshoot Network Connections

Supporting Laptops and Portable Computing Devices


  •   Laptop and Portable Computing Device Components
  •  Install and Configure Laptops and Portable Computing Devices
  •  Maintain and Troubleshoot Laptops and Portable Computing Devices

Supporting Printers and Scanners


  •   Printer and Scanner Technologies
  •  Printer and Scanner Components
  •  Printer and Scanner Processes
  •  Install and Configure Printers and Scanners
  •  Maintain and Troubleshoot Printers and Scanners

Personal Computer Security Concepts


  •   Security Fundamentals
  •  Security Protection Measures
  •  Data and Physical Security
  •  Wireless Security
  •  Social Engineering

Supporting Personal Computer Security


  •  Install and Configure Security Measures
  •  Maintain and Troubleshoot Security Measures

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